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December 19th-23rd

Sold out - please do not make payment. 

$585.00 Check/Cash or $599.00 credit/debit

30 classroom hours * 6 driving hours        

Feel free to call us! 615-472-1027





 If you miss a class- no problem! We have make up lessons on Saturdays.  Each lesson is 3 hours so you can go at your own pace! How cool is that? WOW!!


We will do the 30 hours of classroom first. After the classroom is complete you may start booking the first of your teen's three driving lessons. Each lesson is one on one driving for two-hours each.  There is a one-time $6.00 charge at that time to set up the driving account. Please be patient and space your lessons out so your teen gets plenty of practice. Make a plan with your teen and map it out so they get in their 50 hours of driving that is required by the state of Tennessee. Please click over to our "How it works" Page to read more. This class will be a blast! Thank you! All teens MUST start on Lessons 1 and 2. If you cannot be there the first day then we'll have to move your teen to Saturdays in January. Thank you! 

Class times are 10am-4:30pm with 30 minute lunch from 1pm-1:30pm = 30 hours of classroom. Bring your own lunch please. 

* PLEASE arrive each day 15 minutes early so we may start on time.

All classes are in person at our location. 

NOTE: Mandatory 1-Hour Parent/Teen Class on Saturday 12/17. Last names A-L at 4pm.

Last name M-Z at 5pm. Please arrive about 10 minutes early. Please don't sign up if you can't make this class. Both Parent and Teen must be present. Thank you. This is NOT a meeting. This one hour is part of your teen's 30 hours of classroom. Thanks!

Lessons 9 and 10- January 3rd 10-3:30pm

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