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60 Minute Driving Coach
Zoom Class

The best $40.00 investment you can make

Saving lives before we lose them.

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We offer a 60-minute Zoom class for parents and/or teens covering vital topics of defensive driving to build both parent and teen up with confidence. 

Who benefits from this class?

  • Prepares parent with more tools to help coach their teen.

  • Teens who have never taken a driver's ed class.

  • Licensed teens who need a review to help tighten things up.

  • Adults who need a review. 

Next Class: Sunday * February 5th at 2:30pm

Zoom code will be emailed to you 15 minutes before class. 

We cover:

1. Intersections and Turns

2. Lane Changes

3. Defensive Driving and Eye Movement

4. Merging onto the Freeway

5. Distractions

6. How to Coach your Teen

7. Q and A

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