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One-Hour Driving Lesson

Call the office at 615-472-1027 to pay by phone or email us at and we'll send you a Paypal request. 

Cost: 1 hour of driving and detailed notes given at the end - $120.00

15 minutes of classroom lesson before the 1 hour lesson. - $150.00

What you get: A one-hour test preparation and/or evaluation of your teen's driving. We will work on: lane changes, merging, yielding and intersections. We can go on the intestate if you feel

confident enough. This is a good, thorough lesson with notes given on what to work on.

We will also go over the current expectations the Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security has for the test. Extra $30.00 if you want 15 minutes of classroom before the lesson. 

Take a deep breath and let's have fun! We will HELP YOU! Woo Hoo!!

** Cancellation fee is $60.00 if you cancel inside of 48 hours. Please make sure your permit or license has not expired. Check the date on it. **Please keep your lesson time

because we have limited space and make sure your permit/license has not expired. Thank you. 


Meet at our office at 120 Holiday Court Suite 5. Please park in back up against our building. 

 Email us at:

It's that easy! Woo hoo!

Call the office at 615-472-1027 and pay by phone.  

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