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We are the ONLY Drivers Ed program in the county that gives THREE REAL Behind the Wheel lessons AND teaches parallel parking in your package. 

Please check around and see. We don't use silly simulators to replace REAL driving. This should be very important when deciding where to invest your hard earned money. Thanks! We are so excited to work

with your teen giving them individual, personal and professional driving coaching! We test for Licenses too!

MUST START ON LESSONS 1 and 2 after that then make up lesson are available. 

All classes are in person at our location.

Yes- we test for licenses. Teens must show proof of their 50 hours of driving on the logs and finish their program within 24 weeks. Call us FIRST to ask about License Testing. 


Make-up lessons available It's that easy! Woooo hooooo! Let's have fun!

$585.00 by check or cash or $599.00 by credit/debit.  

Located in Franklin, TN

120 Holiday Court, Suite 5

Each Saturday is: 10am - 4:30pm - Please arrive 15 minutes early each class. 

Mandatory Parent/Teen one-hour class at 4:30pm after the first day of classes on April 29th.

Make-up lessons available from lessons 3 and beyond. Must attend the first day of class. 

Lessons 3 and 4 * 5/6 - Saturday

Lessons 5 and 6 * 5/20 - Saturday

Lessons 7 and 8 * 5/26 - Friday

Lessons 9 and 10 * 5/27 - Saturday -Class gets out at 3:30pm



  • Each Saturday we teach two lessons: 10am-1pm * 30 minute lunch (bring your own) and then 1:30-4:30pm (5 weeks)

  • Odd number lessons in the morning and even number lessons in the afternoon.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can start on time. Please respect this rule, thank you so much. Sorry, no exceptions.

  • Make up lessons allowed if there is room in class. No make ups are allowed during our holiday session (Spring Break etc..) because there simply won't be any seats available, so try to get all of your classroom lessons done in a timely manner.

  • These classes are for High School 15 year olds to High School 12th graders. Sorry, we don't have space for High School graduates who are 18 and over





  • 30 hours of Classroom Education

  • 6 hours of REAL ROAD Driving Lessons after classroom portion is complete.  

  • No simulator video games to replace actual driving





This schedule might change as needed. Thank you.


Click the "REGISTER" button above or feel free to call us (615-472-1027) and we'll do it over the phone with a Credit Card. You can also simply drop a check, cash or Money Order off made payable to: Spanky's. It's that easy! If the voicemail kicks in then we are most likely teaching in the classroom or the car. Refunds on all Credit Card payments result in a $15.00 service charge from credit card company


Checks made payable to: Spanky's, 120 Holiday Court Suite 5 Franklin, TN 37067


We have a 30 minute lunch break from 1:00pm-1:30pm for the students to grab some fast food near the classroom or they may bring their own lunch. Sorry, doors lock at 10am to protect all students...just like on school campuses. If you miss a class then simply make it up. Thanks.


REMEMBER: If your teen misses a class then simply wait until it comes back around and walk in and sign in to get credit. It's that easy! Remember, each Saturday we actually teach 2 lessons. Your teen must attend the first day though.


Only after all 10 classes are finished then the Behind The Wheel lessons can be scheduled which costs $6.00 to register for the full 24 hour a day online access to our scheduling calendar. First driving lesson usually comes about 2 weeks after last class. Let's have a blast!!! Please drive and log 100 miles with your teen BEFORE their first driving lesson and present that log at the first driving lesson. Thanks so much!



Thank you so much for considering our program for your teen. We will do our best to help your teen become a safe and responsible driver.



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