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Question: Why should I have my teen go through a driver's ed program? 


Answer: Because it could help your teen become a safe and responsible driver. It will help your own peace of mind knowing that you took the time to properly train your teen and won't worry as much when they leave the house with the car.




Without trying to scare you into taking our program we do want to be realistic. How would you feel if your loved one was in a very bad car crash and was critically injured and it turned out to be an inexperienced teen in another car who was at fault?


IMAGINE THIS:  How would you feel knowing there was a good chance that going through a 10 class drivers education program and Behind The Wheel lessons could have helped but his parents were too lazy to sign him up because they thought it wasn't worth the money?


Would you wish he had taken driver's education? Of course you would. If there was the slightest chance it would have helped him be a safer and more responsible driver then you would probably have demanded it.


Soooo.... why not do the safe and responsible thing and enroll your own teen in a driver education course? Heck, if it's going to help just a little bit then why not? If you don't choose Spanky's then at least go somewhere. 


Please consider doing this. It will help to save lives and one of those lives may be your very own teen's.


Our program is definitely worth the investment....and heck, you'll most likely receive a discount on your insurance once your teen finishes our program and receives his "Certificate of Completion" from us.


We hope you consider enrolling your teen in our program. This is an opportunity to give your teen an amazing experience. They may laugh, they may cry, they may cringe but they will NEVER forget our program and never be the same again...unless they choose to be unchanged in their heart. Let us help your teen to become a safe and responsible driver. 


Thank you.

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