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Please read this overview of our program. VERY IMPORTANT INFO.

Hey Parents! Come on down. Bring you teen and let's have a blast! 


  • Show up the first day of class 15 minutes early. Door locks at at 10am sharp during the school year. Feel free to send your teen with a lunch during the 30 minute lunch break.

  • We will provide your teen with their driving manual, a folder and pen. All they have to bring is a good, receptive attitude.

  • Your teen will go through the 30 hours of classroom instruction FIRST and that portion includes: ten classroom lessons that are 3 hours each. After classroom portion is complete they can then begin to book their 3 driving lessons. It might take about 12 days or so from when your driving account is activated to your first driving lesson.


  • This is program takes time. If you don't have the time to take things slow then this might not be the program for your family. During the school year it takes 5 Saturdays and 5 days during summer and probably about an extra 4-6 weeks AFTER to schedule and finish the three driving lessons. We believe in taking things slow. If that works for your family we would love to have you in our program but if you are on a time crunch and want to rush things then you might want to look for another program. Many 16 year old teens wait until the "last minute" to do drivers ed with us but we believe in taking it slow. Practice with your teen in between their lessons. Log their hours on notebook paper and watch them grow in experience. Please keep this in mind BEFORE registering your teen. Thank you!

  • PERMIT TESTING: The best way to help your teen pass their permit test is to STUDY TOGETHER. Break down any words or phrases they don't understand. Get a copy of the driving manual and go through it together. You'll keep your sanity when they pass their test. Some teens study by themselves and the parents wonder why their teen keeps failing. 

  • LICENSE TESTING: We can test your teen for their license. We will simply need proof of your teen's 50 hours of driving as required by the state of TN. Your teen must bring their logs to EACH of their driving lessons and we can then test your teen at the end of their last driving lesson. If you forget to bring the logs to any of the driving lessons then you do not qualify to test through us. Let's put a plan in place so your teen can get to the fifty hours. As long as they've held their permit for 180 days, have logged at least 50 hours of driving and are within 90 days of their 16th Birthday. License Test charge is $60.00 made payable before the last driving lesson. 

  • You'll have to wait up to 10 business days and you'll still have to go to the Licensing Station at some point to have your teen's photo taken, fill out forms and get license. The EASIEST way is to do it all at the same time in under 25 minutes is to test at the Licensing Station. Spanky's own daughters tested at the Licensing Station and it was much easier than if a driving school tested them. There is no waiting up to ten business days for the state to process anything. Feel free to call us at: 615-472-1027 to chat more about it. But as parents we want the simple way don't we?




Make-up lessons? No problem! However, you must attend Lessons 1 and 2 FIRST and there are no make-up lessons for them. Your teen can make up any lessons they have missed as long as we have room in the class. Our Saturday classes always have room. Once we get to the summer and there are no make-ups allowed if the sessions are sold out. Please plan ahead and don't get frustrated if your teen has to wait a little longer to get in a make-up classroom lesson.  


  • Once your teen finishes our classroom portion simply read the instruction sheet given to your teen on lesson 10 and follow the directions. We may even have them take a photo of it and text to you so you always have it on your phone. ASK YOUR TEEN for the instruction sheet if they don't give it to you or text it to you. This is VERY important.

  • Once you register and pay the ONE TIME $10.00 charge you will have full 24 hour access to the driving calendar and can cancel lessons and book for another day as much you want. But please don't go crazy with it. Book a lesson time and then fulfill it. You have up to 24 hours before the lesson to switch it or cancel it. Your teen will receive 3 driving lessons that are 2 hours each which = 6 hours. Please make sure you read the ENTIRE Message Board on the website we give you to go to when booking the three driving lessons. Each time you log on it will be the first thing you see so please read it each time for updates. You can not view it now unless your teen has finished the classroom portion of the program. A Certificate of Completion is given AFTER all 36 hours are completed and no sooner.


  • Please take the time to practice driving with your teen. Practice makes progress. Space their driving lessons apart so your teen gets plenty of driving time in between each lesson.  




We do not use simulators to replace ANY driving lessons. This is REAL driving. 


  • Lesson 1: City roads, country roads, intersections and most roads that do not exceed 55 miles per hour speed limit like Hwy 31. 

  • Lesson 2: We work on Freeway driving - merging on and off and lane changes and more city roads with intersections.

  • Lesson 3: A combo some of the time plus parallel parking. Please make sure they have their 50 hours logged  by this time if they are testing - PLEASE drive at least 100 miles BEFORE your teen's first driving lesson. Pull out notebook paper and log each mile and how much time they drove. You can do it! Yeah! We offer the behind the wheel drive times Monday - Friday during the school year at 3:30pm or 6pm and all driving lessons start and end at our office. So sorry but the TN. Dept. Of Safety no longer allows us to pick up or drop off at any other location. It's a stupid new rule. 

  • SCHEDULE2DRIVE- This is an online website we will have you use to book your teen's 3 driving lessons after classroom portion is finished. The first lesson usually comes 2 weeks after the last class. We add more lessons to that calendar every Thursday starting at 6pm. We noticed this year that the once school starts back in session then lessons get very hard to book because many teens can only drive on certain days at certain times. Soooo- during the school year we usually have lesson times Monday-Friday available after school with times being 3:30pm or 5:45pm. Reminder: We do not do driving lessons on weekends since we are in the classroom teaching.  Please keep this in mind before making payment to join our program. Thx

  • Please don't be lazy about booking a driving lesson. It's very easy to get in a lesson but it's obvious that the longer you wait less drive times become available until the following Thursday night's posting of new times. Please remember that each Thursday night at 6pm we add more lesson times to the calendar. Please call us with further questions if needed. 615-472-1027.

  • Your Service Agreement contract will say that your teen can book their first driving lesson about two weeks after the end of the last class, however sometimes it's a week or so depending on the time of year when it's busy like summer. If you want to get your lessons in asap then get at your computer each Thursday at 6pm to view open times. The longer you wait past 6pm the more lessons times get picked up by other students. Thanks. ** Driving lessons MUST be spaced out at least seven days in between each lesson. This is a firm rule. It gives the teen time to practice with parents and prevents monopolization of the calendar by younger teens who need to space lessons out as well.  REMEMBER your deadline. Your contract says that if you go past your deadline you then forfeit any remainder classroom or driving lessons. -However, call us at the office and we can re-up you for $95.00 per lesson but you will have to wait until we can fit you in. We cannot fit anyone in during the summers. Thank you. 

  • Please know that if you are starting our program within 4 weeks of your school starting back in August that our driving lessons calendar starts filling up because parents tend to wait "until the last minute" to set up driving lessons. Please be patient. We are standing around waiting until the school day is out to do driving lessons during the school year. Sometimes during the summer we have to send staff home because teens want to do other things rather than drive with us. This is not our fault. PLEASE be patient and get in driving with us if you are a summer student.

  • BAD WEATHER: If a driving lesson has to be rescheduled because of snow, ice or other types of bad weather then please be patient and we will do our best to get your teen back on the calendar asap. Thank you.


  •  Please remember, your teen must be at least 16 years old and has to hold their permit for 180 days (TN State rule) to test for their license at the Licensing Station.  However, we can test them as well but it is easier to make an appointment and go to the front of the line with that appointment. We are told your teen will be finished testing in about ten to fifteen minutes and you'll have to sign a few papers and then they take your teen's photo and hand them a license. Total about 25 min. It's that easy!


  • So sorry, we do not test teens for Hardship Licenses. Only the state can Hardship License test your teen at the licensing center. We also can only give driving lessons to students with a valid Permit. Please let us know if your teen is interested in Hardship License.​


  • REMINDER: After they complete their full 36 hour program with us we will give them a Certificate of Completion for you to show your insurance company. Hopefully they give discounts for completion of driver's ed. Call them to find out. 


  • If you follow these bullet points and just let the process work itself then your teen will become a safe and responsible driver. This is a very low maintenance program that has been around since 2008 and is growing everyday with new families who see how simple it really is. Please stay invested in this with your teen. Read through the driving manual with them and help them log their driving hours on the back page of the manual. This is a great time in their lives and they need you the parent to be more present than ever as they face more decision making opportunities than ever before. Be their role model and stay off the phone when driving and don't place your pet in your lap while driving either. 


  •  YOU are your teen's greatest role model. They are watching you when you don't even know it and they can justify their behavior because they see you doing the same things. Stay focused- Stay ready...and have the EYE OF THE TIGER! Bless you!

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