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Drew Kirchhoff and Madalene Leigh accusations

Hello everyone reading this. I am VERY SORRY to have to respond to the horrible lies slandering me in a google review by a guy named Drew Kirchhoff on October 13, 2022. I'm going to respond and move on living intentionally by helping to save lives before we lose them. Feel free to contact me and ask me ANY questions about this slanderous review this horrible person wrote up.  I will go point by point defending my name, my integrity and this awesome company that I built from the ground up since 2008 with blood, sweat, tears and prayers.  

I am not the type to talk about teens since they are usually minors but since Madalene Leigh is now an adult I will mention her by name since it appears she lied about me to Drew Kirchhoff who might be her stepdad and Drew ONLY wanted to air this stuff out in public online.


I’m just sad that from now on whenever any googles their names and my company’s name that this google review and response will show up online forever- it never leaves so that potential clients of ours along with anyone searching their names will see their horrible and slanderous lies and it will affect all of us. The last thing any of us in the world want is for our names to show up in searches. People troll like crazy - I Madelene Leigh and Drew Kirchhoff don’t care though. 

1. Back in November of 2019 Drew Kirchhoff and perhaps his wife Jesse Kirchhoff brought a girl named Madalene Leigh (who was 15 almost 16 at the time but is now 18 almost 19 today) to our Parent/Teen one hour class before starting the program over the Thanksgiving Break. With so many families there that day I don't ever remember meeting Drew Kirchhoff.  

2. Drew Kirchoff wrote in his review of me that "I seemed OK fun loving comical quirky guy, which for some could be interpreted as immaturity." - Let me respond: I believe I am fun and loving and yes sometimes I am purposefully comical and quirky to get the attention of the parents and teens so that I may teach them. It's worked for 36 years now with no issues. I am not immature though and I take driving very seriously. Drew Kirchhoff is immature for waiting almost three years to attack me with his keyboard to try to destroy my business- decimate my reputation and start an online confrontation with me rather than being mature himself and simply contact me almost three years ago to voice his concerns. He let Madelene Leigh down by not contacting me at that time and he let me down by robbing me of a chance to respond.  

3. Either Madalene Leigh told Drew Kirchoff that I "started the classroom time asking the "children" to write a review for his business..." Or he’s making up the lie himself.  I never ask teens in class to write a review.  It's just silly. AS you can see Drew Kirchhoff trolled our google reviews and saw another person’s lie about us having teens give google reviews. He probably just wanted to try to pile on the negativity. It appears Drew Kirchoff likes to complain and lie.  

4. Drew Kirchhoff wrote about me that "during a driving appointment he had to run back to the office really quick even though we don't even live in Franklin, and invited my daughter to come inside during this time." - Let me respond: If Drew Kirchhoff was paying attention at the Parent/Teen class then he would have remembered me saying that we drive all over the county as much as we can on all driving lessons which means coming up to Franklin from Spring Hill. We are not going to drive up and down his streets for two hours. Our goal is 30 miles on the first lesson with two short breaks and that includes stopping by the office for the teen to use the restroom- get a breather- check their phones and call or text their parents if needed while I return a phone call, check voicemail or email and even close down the office if it’s the last lesson of the day. I've had parents leave voicemails on our business phone WHILE their teen is on a driving lesson with me and they want me to call them back really quick- might be about a medication or to drop them off someone else at the end of the lesson etc..  But parents are FULLY aware that we stop by the office sometimes. Drew either didn’t listen or chooses to make both of us look stupid. Madalene Leigh also knew what the lessons were going to be like because she spent 30 hours in the classroom being prepared for those three driving lessons.  

5. Evidently Madalene Leigh told Drew Kirchhoff that I stopped to buy a milkshake and only ordered one yet got 2 straws and told her that we could just share the milkshake. Let me respond to that:  Well, that's just a HUGE LIE as well. It’s gross to even think about and creepy and they both need to get their minds out of the gutter. I can afford two shakes. It's just gross and inappropriate anyway. Why didn't Drew Kirchhoff or Madalene Leigh's mom Jesse Kirchhoff EVER call me to voice their concerns THE VERY NEXT DAY?  Why was Drew Kirchhoff so afraid to have that conversation with me? As a parent myself I would have called the very next day if any adult suggested that they both share a shake with two straws. Drew Kirchhoff’s lack of response to such a weird and inappropriate idea of sharing a shake with two straws is sad -even other dads I shared this story with believe Drew Kirchhoff completely dropped the ball.  I would NEVER share any drink with a teen with two straws or even no straws. It’s not right in my eyes. Why didn’t Drew Kirchhoff care enough about Madelene Leigh to simply call me.  

6. Drew and Jesse Kirchhoff refused to follow any of the business social media accounts yet gave PERMISSION to Madalene Leigh to friend request the Spanky’s Instagram (which is set to private). After the Thanksgiving classroom ended I didn't hear from either Jesse or Drew Kirchhoff for the longest time. In fact Drew Kirchhoff is lying when he said that I had his phone number and email address. I never even heard his name and still don’t remember him until he trolled me and left his google review lies. Jesse Kirchhoff used her own info to register Madalene Leigh for the class and obviously signed the paper work required by the TN. Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security. I didn't hear from Jesse Kirchhoff until she sent me an email an entire 6 weeks after the classroom portion ended. I believe she was the very last parent to get her teen scheduled on the website. These parents might have been busy or something but they were very disengaged from this process. As of 2012 (ten years) I no longer give my personal phone number out to parents because either the parent or their teen used to text me at all hours of the night without telling me who they even were asking me questions about lessons etc..On another note, Jesse admitted in her January 8th 2020 email to me that she wasn't paying attention when reading the Service Agreement that she signed "frantaclally the day it was due". Whenever I emailed Jesse Kirchhoff I would not hear back. She even provided Madalene Leigh's email to me but I never used it. Teens admit to me that they don't check their email but they check their social media inbox for messages a lot. Jesse and Drew Kirchhoff were fine with that when they allowed her to friend request our business Instagram page. Nothing was in secret. The parents can check her email or inboxes on all her accounts to see. Any email Madalene Leigh got from Spanky's was automated making both parent and teen aware of upcoming driving lessons or time changes. Drew Kirchhoff is being overly dramatic and called me a "creep". If Madalene Leigh didn't get my message in her Instagram inbox at 11:30pm that night then it would be there in the morning. So for Drew Kirchhoff to accuse me of “slipping into her DMs” is just silly. What does that even mean? He’s just being immature again and whining and using word salad.  

7. I was very clear at the Parent/Teen class that I would not treat the teens as children yet Drew Kirchhoff referred to  Madalene as a child in his google review of me. I told the families that the teens need to take ownership of their driving lessons and not have the parents baby them. Working toward a drivers license takes commitment and maturity. I knew if I emailed Jesse Kirchhoff at 11:30pm that night regarding a possible time change that I wouldn't hear back from her in time just like I didn't hear back from my other emails to her. Like I said- Drew Kirchhoff NEVER provided his info to Spanky’s.  

8. Drew Kirchhoff ended by saying he thought about writing his review "1000" times and could not stay silent any longer. - well he really let his family down by not calling me. I drove with Madalene three times - January 30th- February 8th and February 15th 2020. All three lessons they chose were about 6pm lessons in the dark and winter. Our goal was 110 miles total for all three driving lessons but was able to get Madalene Leigh to a total of 130.9 miles. I still have her driving notes and even wrote down a Happy Sweet 16th Birthday - God bless you! on her notes. I doubt Drew Kirchhoff or Jesse Kirchhoff ever read the notes because they were not intentional about the program- Jessee Kirchhoff didn't even know the name of the company when she emailed me- She called me SPARKY and not Spanky.  

9. Lastly, I really did feel bad for Madalene Leigh while driving with her. Each time we drove together she complained about all things which included some job she might have had- I think she worked at a horse ranch- she complained about other teens, her life and neighbors. I wanted to treat her to that shake to be nice yet get accused of being creepy. Since Madalene Leigh and Drew Kirchhoff have different last names, I am guessing that he might be her stepdad. Hooray for stepdads. They can be special- they have a HUGE role in the lives of young ones in the household. That make YOU special Drew!  In the end all of us look stupid because Drew Kirchhoff didn't do the mature thing almost 1000 days ago back at the start of 2020 and simply call me to verify or get the truth from me. Instead, he harbored anger and resentment toward me all this time and allowed me to live in his brain rent free. Drew- I respect ALL parents and teens and would never be inappropriate with anyone. I treated Madelene as if she was my own daughter and put my safety at risk in the dark each time I drove with her and I considered it an honor to drive with her and have your business.  I've worked too many decades building up relationships the RIGHT way. You got it all wrong and so did Madalene....and you robbed me of a chance to clear anything up. You owe me an apology. Next time do the right thing and model correct behavior by teaching that if your household ever has a problem with someone then have the guts to go to that person and to clear it up and not wait 1000 days almost three years to try to cancel and ruin them. Your family is not allowed on our property. We have video cameras outside and our street has them as well. A bunch of business owners put them up. I hope this response encourages others to stand up when others tell slanderous lies about you. If I didn’t respond, then many out there might think I’m agreeing with the lies. Dear Drew Kirchhoff, you got your response from me. Don’t fail your other daughters. I'm sure you are a great guy in some ways, but you need to have conversations rather than create backdoor confrontations.  Sorry for any spell check errors. I'm done with this. 

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